Teach your kids
the value of

Set and manage a schedule of tasks, like housework or
homework, that your kids complete to unlock and
spend pocket money.

With a collective of
3,520 Pounds Saved!

Does your child think that money grows on trees?

Don’t worry, we can help fix that!

What is Sonik Pocket?

Sonik Pocket is a free-to-use interactive, educational pocket money platform for children between the ages of 5 and 12 - think education, but with a fun twist! Our interactive e-learning materials and gamified content ensures that your little ones will remain entertained for hours.

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Teach your children about the value of money!

Teach your children about
the value of money!

Children are prompted to think like mummy and daddy by making real-life independent financial decisions to “save” for a long-term goal or “spend” their money within our integrated eCommerce store.

Reward your children for completing missions and hitting their goals!

Reward your children for completing missions and
hitting their goals!

Create a mission for your child [set an allocated deadline, as well as a monetary amount]. Children unlock their reward once they have successfully completed their mission and choose which wallet their money should be allocated into – “save”, “spend” or towards a "savings goal” (a product from the store).

Safe and regulated shopping!

Safe and regulated

Your child may wish to spend their pocket money on an item featured within our integrated eCommerce store. Guardians have behind-the-scenes access, allowing them to monitor their child’s financial activity and spending habits.

Teach your children about the value of money!

Learn monetary

Sonik Pocket’s financial educational aspect is centred around our “earn, learn, save and spend” approach, teaching children that money has to be earned.

Reward your children for completing missions and hitting their goals!

Simple and clear time

The platform rewards children for completing tasks on time. If a child fails to complete a task, they will not receive the reward... they’ll become time-management experts in no time!

Safe and regulated shopping!

Grow their
decision-making skills!

By teaching children how to responsibly spend money, save for goals, and make independent saving decisions (instead of simply being told to save, children learn to make that decision for themselves), we are preparing our users more accurately for the real-world.

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Sonik Pocket is currently launched for closed beta testing in the UK, with 1,000 live users. We have received feedback (to date) from users who have tested out the platform.​


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Sonik Pocket is currently expecting to launch publicly very soon, check back here for more information!​

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