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Sonik Pocket is the world’s first educational, interactive money management platform designed specifically for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

The child’s user experience is tailored to be interactive to empower today’s youth. We empower children by breaking traditional learning methods and supporting with independent financial decisions to allow children to experience both the short and long term impacts of saving and spending.

We are Sonik Pocket!

Here at Sonik Pocket we believe that financial education is an
important skill to learn early in life.

Observing first-hand how today’s generation engage with technology is what inspired Usman to create an engaging and interactive digital e-learning platform, which can be viewed as a source of entertainment, combining educational merit with real life connection and value to real day goals - why Sonik Pocket was created.

Creating a platform of educational resources that is free to use and making it accessible to all families, is something that Usman feels passionately about. Educational inequality is a crucial issue faced today by many kids across the UK. Usman has created an app that is free for all users to use and includes adaptable content for children with learning difficulties and attention deficiencies, advocating for equality in education.


Our Aim...

...is to empower and educate children to make their own independent financial decisions with their pocket money, helping them to understand the long-term financial impacts of spending and saving money.

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Our Vision...

...is to revolutionise pocket money, using a suite of educational content and real-world learning opportunities to bring pocket money to the digital age.

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Our Mission...

.. is to empower tomorrow’s generation with financial management skills through FinTech for children.

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Earn, Learn Save and Spend!

Sonik Pocket’s child-friendly user experience revolves around our “Earn, Learn, Save and Spend” approach – key learning features, practiced within the platform. Our financial educational content is a key component of the child’s Sonik Pocket user experience as it teaches users the full process of earning money.

By offering users the full experience of theoretical education and real-world application within our platform, children have the necessary tools available at hand to start learning about real financial independence within our fun and regulated online platform.

Our research with Strathclyde
University revealed that…

72% of guardians find it difficult to discuss financial education with their children. Unfortunately, this does not come as a surprise, considering that financial education, despite being a fundamental skill, remains absent from the Scottish/UK school curriculum.



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