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SonikHome robo

What is
Sonik Pocket?

A free mobile app that helps parents teach their children the true value of money...

Sonik Pocket uses gamification to make financial responsibility fun.

With complete control, parents can set a schedule of chores and educational tasks for their kids to complete in order to earn their pocket money.

Sonik and his robot family engage and educate the kids, teaching maths skills, encouraging motivation and discipline with goals and rewards.

Your children will learn to save for their favourite toys, earning pocket money by completing tasks like homework or dishes.

With integrated toy stores and saving accounts, the app gives children safe access to online shopping, allowing them to build wish lists and even compete for learning points with their friends.

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How things took off!

A super-galactic family of robots from planet 22 have come to planet earth to help save your children from the perils of bad maths and the complicated dangers of online shopping.

Sonik and his little sister Siggi introduce an action packed, fun online system that teaches your children the real value of money whilst learning their 1,2,3's!



Our vision is to create the future generation of financially literate children, combining traditional teaching methods with 21st century technology. You can help us reach this goal by investing now! Be among the first to try the app and your feedback will help shape Sonik Pocket.

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Glasgow Office: Caledonia House, Lawmoor Street, Glasgow,G5 OUS

Edinburgh Office: 175 Glasgow Road, Gogarburn, Edinburgh, EH12 9BH

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